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Objective: To bring my 19 years of design experience, my knowledge and passion for the Internet, and my ability to strategize and creatively problem-solve to a team environment where meaningful content and experiences are being created.

Education: School of Visual Arts. BFA in Graphic Design 1986


FoilFlex Products. Creative Services. March 2005 to present.
Foilflex is a flexographic printer servicing the label and packaging industry as well as supporting its parent company: a decorated extrusion business that creates trophy columns.
    Responsibilties included:

  • Refine and manage workflow for all prepress, coordinating with print production manager, clients and outside vendors.

  • Create all marketing materials from concept through execution in various media. Scope included all writing, editing, design and fulfillment/production.

  • Support all CRM by creating Sales Prospect forms, Strategic Worksheets, Quoting system for client tracking in MSExcel and pdf form.

  • Consolidated and maintained Customer correspondence files. Managed catalog, linecard and sample package request fulfillment.

  • Designed for Custom Foil and Holography program. Designs were created for both internal and external clients. Managed approval process through plate creation and printing.

  • Scheduled travel for print staff, logistics, shipping, and billing for offsite press-checks.

  • Converted catalog of over 3,500 holography and extrusion drawings and designs from archives in previous media to current formats.

Freelance Art Director. June 2003 to March 2005.
clients included Scholastic Education group and various non-profit organizations.

Scholastic Red. Art Director. April 2001 to June 2003.
Scholastic Red is a professional development business that delivers training to elementary and middle school teachers with a blend of online experiences and in-person meetings. The product uses video, text and interactive elements to train teachers in the latest techniques and research information.

The goal of the development team was to create a system that would allow for rapid development of courses and related print materials, using templating and common user experiences and a blended team of education experts and interactive thinkers. Starting from a well-defined business plan the team built prototypes, a pilot interface that was tested in 10 school districts, and finally a finished product with 9 course offerings for public release in a 2 year period.

    Responsibilties included:

  • Created site architecture, user interface, navigation and coauthored functional specification.

  • Participated in RFP process, reviewed responses and selection of engineering consultancy.

  • Lead developement of user experience tailored to audience who are inexperienced with technology and computers, employing print, software packaging, and personal messaging to supplement computer interface.

  • Developed site templates directing both engineers and html specialists.

  • Incorporated design elements including commissioned photography to leverage familiar elements and experiences from media users are comfortable with.

  • Built production process using templates to speed asset creation and writing process.

  • Managed staff including freelance staff. Made all assignment, contracts and billing related to design and interactivity.

  • Built Pilot test site, creating two full courses and related materials.

  • Created spec for usability testing, observed testing and led team implementing system changes based on recommendations of testing. Led validation/user acceptance study of the new interface.

  • Co-managed branding with marketing director, working to deploy consistent messaging, look and feel across whole brand from product support materials to marketing, convention and sales materials and displays.

Agency.com. Art Director. June 1999 to April 2001.
Agency.com was a full service interactive agency. clients included:
  • Goldman Sachs. Worked to create beta site delivering premium service to Goldman customers. Worked heavily with information architects to create detailed content-mapping and information design displays. Managed freelance designers assigned to project as well as working with site-building team to create smooth workflow when building templates.

  • Intel. Worked on two pitches for proposed learning portal and online interactive content delivery. Contributed to RFP response, designed accompanying creative presentation and attended both pitches as a part of the presentation team. Worked with strategist during discovery phase as an industry expert, researching competition and presenting possible partnerships and alliances.

  • Texaco.com. Designed and built sitelets for various sections including 1999 Annual Report and Havoline Racing. Worked on presentations concerning new directions and integrating new branding.

  • Y2G.com. (FUBU) Worked closely with Build team to create site based on design direction. Streamlined graphic production process.

  • Covernadirect.com. Created look-and-feel including commissioned photography, interactive sections and user-friendly online application process.

Scholastic Network.com. Art Director. March 1996 to June 1999.
Designed and launched a web-based interactive service for teachers and students with a team of designers, HTML web-producers, and editorial producers. Site contained periodic projects as well as daily and weekly games and activities. Working from a tight technical spec, the site is multi- platform, browser-saavy, fast-loading on standard modem connections, and not reliant on browser plug-ins. Contributed within the team setting on site planning, navigation and structure as well as content-programming. Created the graphic standard for the site, designed game interfaces, special interactive projects, and online tools for collaboration and community-building. Designed user interfaces for bbs, chat, and online user-contributed publishing. Working understanding of HTML coding, image preparation, Active Server technology, and content management.
  • Responsible for hiring freelance and staff positions for designers, Information architects and photo researchers.

  • Prepared and maintained departmental budget and negotiated fees and services contracts for image acquisition and freelance contracts.

  • Created the graphic standard for the 5000+ page site.

  • Designed game interfaces, special interactive projects, and online tools for collaboration and community-building. Designed user interfaces for bbs, chat, and online user-contributed publishing.

Freelance. Art Director. September 1994 to March 1996.
Clients include Scholastic News Magazine, Scholastic Skillsbooks, Math Magazine, Update magazine, Literacy Place, and Scholastic Network. Also, freelance illustrator of charts, graphs, and typography for various magazines.

ACTION Magazine. Associate Art Director. June 1990 to September 1994.
Scholastic Action is a magazine for teenagers who are at-risk to dropout, using high-interest articles and presentation.

Designed format and page layouts, Assigned art and photography, and migrated production of magazine from mechanical/pasteup to computer layout. Working with both Pagemaker and Quark, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Tracked budgets and billings, assisted artists in acclimating to Mac and software. Prototyped new formats and assisted in user acceptance testing for new formats.

Scholastic News magazines. Senior Artist. June 1986-June 1990.
Scholastic News is a series of age-appropriate newspapers for classroom use.

Designed and created mechanicals for various pages of Scholastic News levels 2-6. Redesign of Pilot edition, changing format from weekly to monthly magazine.

  • Society of Publication Designers 1988, Honorable mention- cover design.

  • Ozzies- 1990 Silver medal- cover. 1994 Silver medal- cover.

  • Edpress- Graphics of article -1989, 1990, 1994

  • Edpress- Graphics of cover -1992.